Opening Day!

It’s Opening Day!!! Baseball is back!!


Opening Day of the regular baseball season is one of my favorite signs of spring. I am addicted to watching my Minnesota Twins play. Some of you are probably thinking, “Why would you watch the Twins?! They are terrible!!” And that may be sometimes, but they are my team whether it’s a good year or a bad one. I am a hometown girl, so I root for my hometown team.


You want to know the funny part? Until about four or five years ago, I didn’t like baseball. I never watched sports of any kind, really. Don’t get me wrong, I love sports. I love to play sports. But watching sports on T.V. just wasn’t on my priority list. Then we moved back to Minnesota and moved into our house here. My husband wanted to get cable so that he could watch sports and have friends over to watch them with him. I wasn’t a big fan of the idea, but that’s what he wanted to do, so we got cable. That was in the spring. Baseball season had just started. He talked me into watching a game with him right after we got cable. I don’t think Phillip has had control of the remote since that game! He created a monster!


I have turned into a Twins watching crazy person. Every game is recorded on our DVR. We have five children. I record them all so I make sure I don’t miss any of the game. I am absolutely in love with watching Twins baseball. My husband doesn’t even watch the games as much as I do. I thought guys were supposed to be the sports crazies?!


My all-time favorite player has got to be Brian Dozier. He is the best! I love how he plays, and I love the fact that I don’t have to be worried about letting my kids watch him. He seems to be a very polite and caring person and is genuinely a nice guy. He is someone I don’t mind letting my kids look up to. His attitude on and off the field is a wonderful attribute, and I’m so glad he has played for the Twins. I’m really hoping he decides to stay with the Twins after this year!! I should probably buy a Dozier jersey this year just in case… That makes me sad!


Anyway, back to baseball. The reason I got so stuck on baseball was because of my husband. He loves baseball. He used to play baseball and probably could have played in college if he would have kept going. Other circumstances affected life, and he ended up joining the Navy instead. But now our oldest son is addicted. He will squat down in a catcher’s position and wait for someone to throw him the ball. He’s three, by the way, and started this shortly before he turned two. Can you tell Mommy watches every game?! Once he is old enough, I’m hoping to put him into a summer league to see if he wants to play. For now though, he enjoys playing catch with Dad and running the “bases.”


Our girls also enjoy watching the Twins play. They aren’t quite as crazy as their mother is, but I will say, our third daughter’s first word was “Dozier.”   It sounded more like dough-er, but I knew what she meant!


So, for all you baseball-loving crazies out there, I’m with you! This season should be a great one, and I can’t wait to see what happens! Bring on the fun and summer! For all of you that wonder why we are so baseball crazy, I’m not going to try to explain it. It’s not something that is able to be explained. It’s just a fire that gets lit and never really goes out. It may dim in the winter months, but it slowly gets built up again during Spring Training until it’s a roaring blaze on Opening Day!!


Opening Day means spring has officially come to Minnesota. (I’m choosing to ignore the fact that we are supposed to get six inches of snow tomorrow night.) Minnesota can now start to wake up from our sleepy hibernation and start having some fun again. Wake up, Minnesota! And welcome back, Twins! I can’t wait to see what you guys are going to do this year!

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