“Sprinter” light bulb moment

We have hit the season of “Sprinter.” Where everyone is dying for Spring, but Winter just won’t die. We are technically well past the official start of Spring. It is now March 30th. But Winter must not like us this year or it really just doesn’t want to end.


I am looking out the window as I’m writing this. It is snowing. Again. We got about four inches this morning. And we are supposed to get another six to eight inches tonight. I am so ready for Spring. I’m not a big fan of winter as it is, and this is definitely not helping. Let me guess… You’re asking, “If you don’t like cold and snow, why do you live in Minnesota?!” I will tell you why. I hate snakes and spiders more than I hate snow and cold. Yes, we have snakes and spiders here, but I don’t see them very often and they usually aren’t the poisonous ones. That, right there, is why I live in Minnesota.


So, as I’m sitting here watching the snow drift to the ground, I’m trying to look on the bright side. So far, I’ve found that the snow is very powdery. That means that our vehicles should be able to go through it pretty easily and we shouldn’t need to plow. Hopefully tonight’s snow is powdery too.


The second thing I’ve noticed is that it is pretty to look at. Everything looks so clean and fresh. Spring time in Minnesota can have an ugly stage sometimes. Everything gets muddy and dirty when the snow melts. I’ve given up on keeping my truck clean. Our driveway is dirt, so clean isn’t really an option right now.


The third thing I’ve noticed is that fresh snow muffles noises. Normally you hear the latch on the gate when it is snapped closed. Right now though, it’s quiet. The snow muffles that metal on metal noise and keeps everything calm.


The last thing (for now) that I have noticed is that it is pretty relaxing to watch the snow fall. The snow flakes don’t have a set schedule as to when they are supposed to be on the ground. They don’t have a specific route to get to the place they are supposed to finally rest. They just sort of meander through the sky until they find a home on the ground or a tree or elsewhere.


There are times when I would love to live like that. Not have a set time to be somewhere, not have a specific route to get there, and just casually find a home somewhere. The best part would be not caring about any of it. I do occasionally wonder what that must be like.


I know, as a Child of God, I’m not supposed to worry about things like what we will eat and drink and where we will live. God will take care of us. But I’m also human. I am far from perfect. I’m probably one of the biggest worriers anyone could meet. And that is one of my biggest downfalls and failures in life. That is one area that my imperfection shines quite brightly. Was that an oxymoron? Probably. Oh, well.


Life is a learning experience. If we are breathing, we are learning. Our eyes and ears are constantly taking things in that we, sometimes, might not even realize we are seeing or hearing. I love the fact that I can learn something new every day. Recently, I have been trying to consciously recognize the new things I learned in a day. Some days that is easier to do than others. And yes, there are days where I’m crabby and just plain don’t want to learn. Everyone has those days. The ones where all you want to do is curl up in the fetal position under your blankets and not see another person for a week. Yep. Those days. But, I have also learned something from those days. I learned that I get nothing accomplished. I learned that my children don’t understand what is going on and why Mom is so crabby and upset. I learned that I get angry at myself when I act that way because it never helps the situation. It usually makes it worse. I really don’t like that part.


So, here is what I’ve learned from the snow today. People are like the snow. We are all different. No two people are alike. We all have our own speed to get somewhere and we all have our own routes to get there. And none of us should worry about where we land or where we will make a home. God has us in his protection and care. Why should I worry?! Worrying only wastes time and energy and it is definitely not what God wants to see from us. I’m hoping that my light bulb moment from watching snowflakes float to the ground will help someone else through a trying time. Life isn’t easy, but, with God in control, there is absolutely nothing to be worried or pressed about. He’s got this!

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