A Sweet Day

Awakened by the singing birds,

And the sun gently streaming.

A morning song with no words,

Awakes us from our dreaming.


The morning rush will soon begin.

The day’s tasks are waiting.

We must not waste our time’s small margin,

For the daylight will soon be fading.


Time goes fast,

What can I say?

The hours don’t last,

And the days don’t stay.


The kids are up and the breakfast devoured

As they slip on their boots and slam the door.

They run to do chores and get the plants showered

Just in time for one chore more.


We feed the horses and milk the cow.

They collect the eggs and slop the pig.

The kids are excited, but don’t look now.

Grab your tools, kids. It’s time to dig!


Off to the garden we go!

With packets of seeds

And my little clan in tow,

We’re off to plant vegetables and clear the weeds.


There’s nothing quite like the joy on their faces

As they giggle and laugh and play in the dirt.

Even if the plants are in all the wrong places,

There is no way that this mama’s heart could hurt.


Little do they know

Of all the memories we are making.

But when they are grown and go,

They will realize they are well worth keeping.


Once the rows are planted

And the tools put away,

The children’s wish is granted,

And the time has come to play.


I watch them from the kitchen window

As supper I am preparing.

I pray this stage they never outgrow,

And their love for life keep sharing.


Once the supper has been eaten,

And the dishes cleared away,

Only one thing by which this evening could sweeten,

And that is to hear my children pray.


As the shadows bend,

And our cup is overrun,

So the day will end

As it had begun.


Lulled by the singing birds,

And the sun gently streaming.

An evening song with no words,

Drifts us to our dreaming.



-By Brittany Ramsdell



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