“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”

When I was young,

I couldn’t wait to grow up.

To be my own person.

To be a “grown-up.”


But my Mama always said,

“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”

I never really understood why.

“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”


But, grow up I did

As the time went on.

And new things I learned

As the years marched on.


I learned as much as I could

On this little round globe.

I tried to keep it all

Wrapped in my little brain robe.


But, to this day,

Without any hiccup,

I remember Mama sayin’

“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”


As I am now a little older,

I have come to understand

Why Mama always said

“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”


I want to rock you in my arms

For just a few more minutes.

I want to memorize those baby smiles

That are only given by infants.


I want to hear your happy giggles

As you scamper away on hands and knees.

I want to feel your little wiggles

As we sit and feel the breeze.


I want to watch your first steps

And see your eyes light up.

All the while thinking,

“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”

I want to see the excitement on your face

When your first day of school comes around.

I love to watch you loving life,

But this mama’s heart has hit the ground.


So please let your Mama love you longer,

And return the favor, please.

It will grow our bond even stronger

And appear to make time freeze.


Mamas, as your little ones grow up,

Please take this in your heart.

“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”

Surely has its part.


Hold your babies close and tight.

Don’t let the “busy” take away

From the snuggles in the night

And the sweetness of the day.


And to our sweet little babies,

We are not trying to be a pest.

You are a miracle to each of us mommies,

And we just want to give you our best.


So, please take this as a symbol

Of our love overflowing our cup

When your fondest memory is Mama sayin’

“Please, baby, don’t grow up.”




–By Brittany Ramsdell



  1. Lovely. Just happens to touch this mama’s ache as she watches her only baby (now 11) grow from season to season. Thanks for taking the time to express this! Rhonda (ArtGoneCountry on WordPress)


    1. Thank you! My oldest is turning 10 this year, and I’m not real sure how to handle it! I keep seeing all the new things the kids are learning on a daily basis. I still am not able to completely articulate the feelings it puts in me. Some happy, some sad. I know they need to grow up, and they will, but I do wish I could find a pause button somewhere in order to have more time to memorize these moments with them!


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