Joys of Homeschooling

Homeschooling is hard. So very hard. I think a lot of people who don’t homeschool, or have never homeschooled before, think that it’s just a cake walk and that homeschool families really don’t have to do much. That is so completely wrong. Homeschooling is so much work. I can’t get over how much time things can take. And I’m doing the “easy version” of homeschooling.

Laiyla is currently homeschooled. She decided at the end of last school year that she didn’t want to go back to regular school and just wanted to be homeschooled. I agreed because I could see some of the things happening in her class dynamic and didn’t like the direction some of the kids were going. I still don’t like the way her class is, but more on that at another time. Phil and I agreed that homeschooling is the best option for Laiyla.

God was definitely working that out in our minds long before we actually needed it. This past fall when Laiyla got so sick, she missed about a month of school. And now, with all her doctor appointments and physical therapy appointments, she would be even farther behind. I’m so very thankful that God has, yet again, shown how omniscient He is and how wonderful His timing is.

So, this past fall, we purchased Laiyla’s curriculum and we got started. We don’t do a normal curriculum though. We purchased ours through a Christian college that creates their own curriculum for their Christian day school. This curriculum has been around for years. It is actually what her regular school uses, so if she ever decides to go back to regular school, she won’t have any lag time or be lost on anything. It’s also the curriculum I used when I was in school, so it makes it much easier to help her with the subjects or topics that she needs help with.

The major bonus that I find with this program is that all the teaching is done on videos. I don’t have to do the teaching or the lesson planning. She has an actual teacher who has a degree in education. I have two degrees, but neither of them are in education. I can do the teaching, but I would prefer it be done by someone who has been taught how to teach young minds. I can teach her how to build a house, but long division?? I get annoyed trying to teach that stuff! Anyway, the program we have her on is an actual accredited program. If she completes all her schooling through this homeschool program, she will have an accredited diploma at the end. I really like that idea. That’s one of my favorite parts other than the flexibility of homeschooling. You can’t go wrong with the flexibility! It’s something I have been extremely thankful for through this process.

Laiyla has, in a way, been our homeschooling guinea pig. This year has taught both of us quite a bit. I have learned that it’s not just a matter of sitting her down at a computer and telling her to do the work. That’s a main part of it, but there is also the help with certain topics. There is the grading of the papers and turning everything in to the school to get her report card done. There is a lot of work! I forgot how many papers these kids are required to do in a day! It amazes me how their little brains are so much like sponges. They take it all in and remember it all! It’s crazy!

I’m glad I’ve been learning these things this year. I’ve learned that keeping things graded each day is way easier than waiting a week and then grading. That gets to be a disaster! I’ve learned that kids all learn differently. Laiyla reminds me a lot of myself when I was her age. She is struggling with the things that I struggled with in school. In a way, that helps me to help her more. I know the ways that helped me to learn, so I’m able to use those to help her understand the concepts that she had issues with. It’s been pretty great for our relationship too. We have grown quite a bit together.

Next year, our second daughter, RaeLynne will also be homeschooled. She is somewhat torn about the idea, but I think it will be good to have two of them home. I think Laiyla could use another kid at home that has to work all day. I think it will motivate her a little better to keep working and push through the times that she really doesn’t want to work. It will also help her to have someone to play with once she is done with her work. Right now, it’s just the two boys home with us. She gets pretty bored with only the boys around!

But, I say all this to say, I wouldn’t trade this homeschooling for anything. I don’t think Laiyla would either. The freedom and flexibility are so refreshing and needed. Our family runs about 100 mph every day, so this is a beautiful thing for us. Once all the kids are through second grade, I think I may homeschool all of them! I’m not sure if homeschooling is the right thing for all of them, so we will have to see, but as of right now, I’m loving the idea! And when you can get this type of quality education for your kids without even leaving the comfort and security of your own home, I call that a win-win. I love it.

If any of you have ever thought about homeschooling your child and are a little nervous about it, this program is definitely worth it. The education is amazing and your child will be leaps and bounds ahead of the public schools. Every child in our school has tested higher than the same age/grade in the public schools when the testing scores are compared. I am a complete supporter of homeschooling, especially this program. It is worth the money and the extra time that is needed.

Hopefully it’s warm where you are, and you can go do something fun this weekend. Have a great weekend, everyone!!





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