It’s Go Time

No excuses. Get started. Now is the time. God’s Grace. God’s timing. Get up. Get moving. Stop waiting. No time is perfect. Use what you have. It can happen. Work for it. Fresh start. New year. Forget the unknown. Embrace the known. Be present. Be ready. Be happy. Enjoy the little things. Fight harder. Be strong. Don’t be too strong. Listen closely. Always be willing to learn. Never be above a job. Never belittle yourself or your accomplishments. Don’t be proud. Be excited. If you aren’t motivated, find some motivation. Always be able to get yourself going. Take time with loved ones. Go the extra mile. Help someone. Be willing, even if it’s inconvenient for you. Put others first. Make the schedule. Follow the schedule. Be willing to break the schedule. Make a plan. Follow through. If plan A doesn’t work, move on to plan B. Keep moving forward. Keep trying. NEVER give up. Get discouraged, but don’t stay there. Use the negatives to create positives. Some of the best things come from failures. It’s only a failure if you stop there. Everything is a learning experience. Be you. Be sweet. Be kind. Be helpful. Be nice. Accept when you are wrong. Don’t flaunt it when you’re right. Be quick. Take your time. Seize the day. Seize the moment. Time flies, be ready for it. Jump at the opportunities. Beware of the scams and users. It’s ok to fall. Get back up. It’s ok to make mistakes. Learn from them. God is still in control. Smile. Be silly. Laugh. Enjoy the life you have. Kiss your babies. Snuggle them a little longer. They aren’t babies forever. Make time for the little things. Make time for your spouse. Make time for yourself. Make goals. Try that new recipe. Try something new. Don’t be afraid. Be cautious. Be daring. Don’t worry about the “stuff”. Have a trademark. Know your resources. Know your audience. Know your surroundings. Know yourself. Know when to change course. Find the blessings in the hard stuff. Always be positive. Look on the bright side. Expect the interruptions. Embrace change. Set boundaries. Know the difference. Use your skills. Use your talents. Those two things may not always be the same things. Be creative. Let your mind wander occasionally. Dream, but be sure to wake up and work for them. Take the first step, but don’t stop there. Get off your butt. Save. Give. Be a great friend. Be your own worst critic, but also your best supporter. Celebrate all the victories. Don’t dwell on the bad. Go ahead and cry. Wipe your eyes and move on. Don’t put things off. Don’t waste time. Always be thankful. Never forget the blessings. Be honest. Be truthful. Be consistent. Be reliable. Be trustworthy. Be clever. Think outside the box. Dream in black and white. Live in color. Never forget where you came from. Always remember the ones who stood by you before you were anything. Be real. Be the good that the world needs. Be smart. Be wise. Use your brain. It’s not just there to keep your skull from caving in. Be caring. Be loving. Be the person to jump in first. Be the most helpful. Be spontaneous. Be predictable. Be seen, but be able to blend in. Be unique. God only made one of you. Always know where you stand. Don’t be afraid to say you don’t know something. Always be afraid to fake it. Calculate the risks, then go for it. But, above all, trust GOD!!!

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